Tijdens mijn Bouwkunde Master schreef ik een position paper over het belang van het gebruik van een maquette in het architectonisch proces. Lees het hieronder:

The physical architectural model: the architect's most important tool

To arrive to a final design, the architect makes use of different design tools during the design process. Design tools are also the key to communicate ideas, concepts and eventually the final design. The range of tools is very large. Tools discussed in this paper are the physical architectural model, the architectural drawing and the digital architectural model, in which the physical architectural model is considered to be the architect’s most important tool during the design process. The physical model is the tool of design that is the most capable of communicating the design. It is easily understood by the eye of the non-educated viewer, in contrast with the architectural drawing. The physical model is the only tool that offers countless viewpoints at the same time. The drawing only has a single viewpoint and the digital model only shows one viewpoint at the time. Moreover, the physical model is the most realistic tool of the architect, due to its actual presence in space. Considering the future of the physical model, the use of digital and physical models will likely go hand in hand, to maintain a strong physical relationship between the architect and the design. In conclusion it can be said that the physical architectural model is the architect’s most important tool.

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